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We have had the opportunity to produce an present countless slideshows and can take this burden off of your shoulders. But if you want to do it yourself, here are some pointers:

Your slideshow should be 12 minutes or less overall. We’ve found that after 12 minutes, those watching it lose focus. So it’s important to keep it to 3-4 songs to showcase the best photos.

Your first consideration after choosing the songs is their cadence. First, measure the timecodes of the song that you’ve chosen. The bass drum will give you the most accurate measurement. Generally you will have four beats per measure. The measure is where you will want to change photos. On fast songs you will likely have about three seconds per measure. Slower songs will give you approximately four.

If, then, your fast song fills up 4:10, you start by multiplying four times sixty to get 240 seconds, then add :10 to get 250 total seconds. Next divide that by three seconds, which will equal 83.3 total measures, which means you will need at least 83 photos for that song.

Finally you can add your totals with the other two songs to determine the total number of photos that you will need.

If you’ve decided to have us produce the slideshow, we recommend adding ten or so extra photos just in case we have problems with some of them.

Once your photos are added to the timeline with your music, it’s the time to put in transitions. Short, simple transitions are ideal. If a transition is too long or complex, it distracts the viewer and takes vital time away from the image in the photo. We discourage titles for the same reason.


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