How to logistically allow every willing to speak at a funeral


At Legacy, we help lift the burden off of putting together a slideshow, and help you by meeting you with your photo stack or uploading the digital photos to our computer.

If you have non-digital photos we would either have you scan them first or get together with us at Kinkos. There we would use their fast scanner to digitize the photos and hand the photos back to you, and use the Kinkos DVD for production. (We want to absolutely make sure nothing bad happens to your precious original photos.)

Once we have the order of photos and song selections. we begin immediately. We hear your ideas or custom expressions that you may want us to include. We understand this is a big undertaking and we want to guide you throughout the production process.

Plan on an average of 3-4 seconds for each photo that you have, or 20-25 photos per minute depending on the speed of the song you’ve chosen. The final length of the presentation amounts to how long the songs go, up to no longer than 15 minutes. Any longer and you will lose the attention of your audience.

The biggest consideration you should make in choosing photos is that the better the photo quality in the beginning, the better it will look in the end. It’s better to pick close-ups for the slideshow over photos that lack resemblance and detail. Try to avoid damaged photos (with cracks, discoloration, severe moisture damage, stains, or photos cut into shapes). We will often attempt to restore damaged pictures digitally.

Also, if you want your pictures chronologically ordered make sure to label them appropriately. If you are scanning your photos, a 4″x6″ photo should be 200dpi. Ideally, every photo should be 4″ x 6″ or larger. a 5″ x 7″ photo should be scanned at 150dpi.

If you would like us to incorporate video clips, we can use them just like a photograph. We will turn down the song volume as the clip plays.

If you have any questions concerning any of these things please contact us. Thank you!


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