How to create a memorial slideshow


At Legacy, we help lift the burden off of putting together a slideshow, and help you by meeting you with your photos or uploading them to our computer if digital.

If you have non-digital photos we would either have you digitize them via a scanner or get together with us at Kinkos. From there we would used their fast scanner to scan each one and hand the photos back to you, and use the Kinkos DVD for production. (We want to assure that nothing happens to your priceless original photos.)

When we have concluded the order of your photos and song selections. we begin immediately. We hear your ideas or custom touches that you may desire to include in the slideshow. We understand this is a big undertaking and we are available to help you through the process and answer your questions.

You should plan on 3-4 seconds for each photo that you have, which is 20-25 pictures per minute, all depending on the cadence (speed) of the song. The final length of the presentation amounts to the length of the song(s) you choose, up to a total of fifteen minutes. If you go any longer you will lose the full attention of the people.

The main consideration in choosing photos is that the better quality you start with, the better it will look in the end. Choose close-ups often over photos that lack resemblance and detail. If possible, avoid damaged photos (major cracks, stains, moisture damage, discoloration, or photos that are cut into shapes). We often will attempt restoration of these damaged photos on the computer.

Also, if you want your pictures in chronological order be sure to label them appropriately. If scanning, a 4″ x 6″ photo should be scanned at 200dpi. Ideally, every photo should be 4″ x 6″ or larger. 5″ x 7″ photos should be 150dpi.

If you have video clips. we can use them just like a picture. We will adjust the song volume while it plays to make sure people can hear.

If you have any questions concerning any of these things please feel free to contact us.


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Live Streaming a Memorial Service


The greatest task in planning a memorial is connecting with each of the loved ones of the deceased.

We have an answer for you.

Live-streaming is an opportunity to make the funeral accessable to all the people that needs to be there, yet who can’t.

We bring the hardware to make it possible.

Now those who couldn’t make it can watch the service on their smart phone or computer.

They will have the ability to experience the stories and see familiar faces as they quietly pay their respects wherever they are.

The entire service will be easy to view via the internet through a hyperlink.

Call us to learn how we can both videotape and stream your loved one’s funeral or memorial.


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The Ingredients of a Tasteful Memorial Slideshow


We have had the opportunity to produce an present countless slideshows and would love to take this burden off your hands. But if you would rather tackle it yourself, here is what we’ve noticed through the years:

Your slideshow should be 12 minutes or less overall. We’ve found that after 12 minutes, those watching it lose focus. So it’s important to keep it to 3-4 songs to showcase the best photos.

Your first consideration after choosing the songs is their cadence. To start, listing to the song and measure the beat timecodes. You will find the most accurate measurement using the bass drum. There are generally four beats per measure. The measure is where you will want to change photos. On fast songs you will likely have about three seconds per measure. Slow songs will have four.

If, then, your fast song fills up 4:10, you start by multiplying four times sixty to get 240 seconds, then add :10 to get 250 total seconds. Next you can divide your 250 seconds by 3 seconds, which equals 83.3 measures, which will translate into 83 photos needed.

Finally, add that to your totals for the other two songs to determine the total number of photos that you will need.

If you are having us produce the slideshow we ask for 10 or so extra photos in case we need to replace photos or simply need more.

After adding your photos to the music timeline it’s time to add transitions. Short, tasteful transitions are the best. A long, cheesy transitions distract the viewer and takes vital time away from the image in the photo. We discourage titles for the same reason.


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How to pay tribute using YouTube


You can use YouTube as a location to post your tribute. They happen to be the #1 search engine on the planet. They also allow the option to post in 1080P, the highest level of HD. Your guests can watch the funeral with vivid detail of loved ones together gathered to honor the deceased. With YouTube you have the option to keep the video ‘private’ or ‘public’, wherein you can use keywords to reach many more people. YouTube is also shareable on most types of social media, so you can spread the word even farther. BTW, when you copy and paste the link, add &hd=1 to the end. That way, when it is clicked the video will begin playing in HD. _____ Find us at or search: funeral, Tempe, memorial, funeral home, simulcast, celebration of life, honor, video, live-streaming, live stream, visitation, videography, Carr-Tenney Mortuary, videotape, mortuary, broadcast, film

How to plan a memorial in two states


With live-streaming you can simulcast the service of your loved one and the receiving location simply needs to connect a laptop or smart phone to a TV or screen. If you are hosting both events yourself, we quickly provide you with your fully edited DVD to take along to the destination city. You won’t have to worry about anything technical, and we can help coordinate the facility’s internet connection.

Also if you want us to play a slideshow and/or a pre-recorded video message and are having us simulcast, we can upload that part to smoothly transition to the service.

We make this surprisingly easy for you.


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How to include everyone at a funeral


If you are planning a memorial or funeral, it’s important to keep everything on schedule. Without a timeframe, the service may go on and on, leaving the majority of the people uneasy and even board. When my wife attended teachers meetings, she couldn’t stand meetings that went on for far too long just because everyone wanted to have the opportunity to say what they need to say.

Setting a timeframe does not have to mean that not everyone will be given the opportunity to share their heart. This becomes possible through video testimonials after the service to allow the chance for them to say what might be on their heart. This also allows you to hear stories that you might never have heard, and we have found these stories to be a highlight of the video.

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